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Published June 29, 2015 in category: Locks & Keys

If you’re currently in an unfortunate position of being locked out of your place of business, home, or vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists of 101 Locksmith. All of our technicians are properly trained in assuring our clients that we will be there in an expedited manner as they need us to be. We know that missing work, school, or an important appointment isn’t possible for most people. We have personal and family obligations we must uphold and assume responsibility for. Therefore, missing such appointments and important meetings aren’t even considered options for most people, as they themselves and their families may be dependent on them.

By calling our specialists at 101 Locksmith, you are guaranteed to have the services needed to give you access to your property and belongings again in an expedited manner. Our specialists will be able to head towards your location as soon as you make the call.

We are locally trained under professional protocols, thus ensuring all clients that we are well aware of the city and surrounding areas. We are fully bonded, insured and licensed to guarantee clients that they are dealing with a professionally established company that is well renowned for providing the community with exemplary services. We have over a decade of solid experience and are one of the top choices of locksmith services with a rating of 5 stars on Yelp.101-locksmith-noam

If you’ve found yourself locked out of your property at odd hours you will not have to stress or worry. We have an emergency service open for 24 hours which will tend to your needs in a timely manner. We always strive towards fulfilling customer satisfaction requirements and pride ourselves on the quality of work we perform. We provide both residential and commercial services along with vehicles of all types. We are certainly considered to be a cost effective and timely services who can be relied upon under any circumstance. If you need your lock(s) to be replaced then you have come to the right place as our choices of selection are absolutely secure and reliable.

One common problem many previous clients of other locksmith services have complained about are seeing damages on their property after the completion of their task. We assure you all of our unlocking procedures are done under the safest protocols with the most technologically advanced tools and equipment. Therefore, your locks and property will not only be intact at the end of the service, but you will not notice any damage(s) either. Many “locksmith” services guarantee certain solutions that will allow their clients to regain access to their property in a quick manner. Unfortunately, what they forget to mention is that they will need to damage the property in some way to ensure that happens. At 101 Locksmith, our technicians assure you that your property will look just as it did prior to acquiring our services at the time of the job’s completion.

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