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multlocksIf you have ever run into problems with your keys, it almost always seems like it happens when you are in a rush. Perhaps you are in a hurry to get to work when you suddenly realized you locked your keys inside the house. Maybe you have a bit doctor’s appointment and stopped for a coffee only to find your keys are still in the ignition, lights running and the doors locked. There are all sorts of problems that can occur, and while keys are such a small item, these unlock just about every major investment you have in your life. That is why, when there is a problem with your keys or you require a new lock upgrade, it is time to look towards the professionals at 101 Locksmith. There are all sorts of benefits from using the company, ranging from upgrading your commercial locks to unlocking your vehicle before the battery dies out. It doesn’t matter if you are in an emergency in the middle of the night or you would rather schedule an appointment to have your property checked out for the best locks around, 101 Locksmith is there to help.

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Santa Clarita Commercial Locksmith Services

Upgrading the locking security of your place of business is important. Naturally, there is not usually going to be someone on site all day, every day, so making sure it is locked up tight is important. While installing security systems often should be implemented, nothing beats a high quality deadbolt, drop bolts and other locking systems. 101 Locksmith can come to the property and look over the entire grounds in order to determine the best kind of locking service needed. This way, the current locks can be swapped out and newer, higher quality locks installed. You may even want to go with keyless entry locks, so trusted employees can gain access to the inside of the building, without the need to carry a key.

Santa Clarita Residential Locksmith Services

Did you just move into a new home? Perhaps a former spouse is no longer living inside of the property. No matter what the reason, having a new set of locks installed is often a very good idea. You don’t want outsiders potentially holding onto keys of your home. Installing a deadbolt is also a solid investment as well, as it increases the level of security you have on your home. Of course, there are other reasons why you might need the services of 101 Locksmith. Perhaps you lost your keys or locked them in the house. You can count on the company to stop by at any time, day or night, seven days a week to assist you. The five star rated service is there for all of your home needs.

Santa ClaritaAutomotive Locksmith Services

Modern keys often have a transponder installed into the key. This is a little chip that communicates with the computer inside of the vehicle. If a replacement key is made without the chip, it does not work. 101 Locksmith can make sure you receive the right key with a programmed transponder inside of it.

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